Hands up who would like to get a smaller bum and leaner legs just by wearing a pair of flip-flops…

This is what wearing FitFlops can apparently do.  Fitflops, it is claimed, burn fat, improve posture, strengthen muscles and reduce joint strain.  And all you have to do is wear them.

£36, FitFlop Walkstar range

So how does it work?

Well, the Fitflop slightly destablises the foot as one walks, and create a continuous tension in the muscles of the foot and leg.  Marcia Kilgore, creator of FitFlops explains:

“It’s like a mini-wobble board.  It makes you step more naturally and it activates the slow-twitch muscle fibres in the legs [these fibres being the bits that burn the fat].”

What are the benefits?

Well, studies have shown that wearing FitFlops can improve your posture and help with common shoe related aches and pains including back, knee & ankle stress, and foot pressure.  Not only this, but fitflops also increase muscle activity in the bottom, hamstring and lower leg (by up to 30%, 16% and 11% respectively), effectively increasing the level of your workout and improving muscle tone.

£60, FitFlop Rebel range

FitFlops also simulate aspects of barefoot walking.  Now you may be asking yourself, why is walking with bare feet good?  (Or, why is a shoe site promoting walking without shoes…)  According to a number of studies, running in cushioned trainers puts more strain on the knees and hip joints than running barefoot.   In fact, by analysing the movements of people running on a treadmill, researchers found that running in trainers increased the stress suffered by joints more than walking in high heels.

Now although many of my shoe loving comrades will see this as the best reason yet to only ever wear beautiful heels, the fact is that by simulating certain aspects of walking with bare feet, FitFlops could potentially help to make your bones and body healthier, and more toned!


Personally, I don’t think that they are the nicest looking sandals you could buy.  And unfortunately my vanity won’t let me wear anything that isn’t a bit pretty.

However, the newer ranges are getting more feminine, a bit prettier, and also appear to be trying to become more fashionable.  And if they help to give you a tight bum and maybe even get rid of some cellulite…  Perhaps I’ll them a whirl this summer…

£50, FitFlops Electra range