What’s a flatform, I hear you ask… It’s a rather interesting combination of a ballet flat elevated on a platform, held on by an ankle strap. And since everyone likes a word sandwich, simply put:

Flat + Platform = Flatform

Michael Kors, £750

By creating an overall uniform height for your foot (ie. they’re still flat shoes), comfort automatically increases. But because of the platform aspect, you still get the height you would get out of any heeled shoe. Perhaps we can think of them as heels without the pain?

Reminiscent of (slightly higher) summer espadrilles, they are rather unusual and new for us in the west, maybe. But not so new in other parts of the world. Flatforms are very similar to the wooden shoes worn by Geishas, and not unlike the raised flats seen on Arabian harem girls.

They are rather 70′s in style, and will give you a casual, effortless look this spring/summer. Pop on some flares with them and get a real 70′s look, or combine with a cute summer dress on a warm day to show off your perfectly exfoliated legs.

They do look a tad ungainly.  In fact, lets be honest, they are just ugly.  But designers such as Michael Kors, Philip Lim, Prada, Chanel and Vivienne Westwood have all had their models stomping and clunking down the runways in flatform shoes in their Spring 2011 collections.

To be honest, flatforms are rather conspicuous with their absence on the high street so far this year, even if they are the ultimate solution for those who want to look super-stylish, but still be comfortable at the same time.  I might stick to my pretty wedges for now; I’ll see how many of you start clunking around in them before I judge whether the comfort-style balance is worth it!