How to Choose the Right Pair of Bridal Shoes

It’s true that bridal shoes are rarely the object of much attention on anyone’s wedding day. However, it is still important to select the right pair. After all, with the vast selection of styles and colours now available, bridal shoes can add style, and even a little flair to any wedding ensemble.

In addition to looking lovely, the right bridal shoes should also be comfortable: no bride wants to remember her wedding day in terms of increasing foot pain! And every bride wants to still be able to walk properly by the time it comes to the first dance with her new husband…

So yes, bridal shoes are important. And by using our style suggestions, you should be able to avoid any wedding shoe disasters (at least in terms of comfort; we can’t help our own personal style, after all).

Satin bridal high heel Jeweled bridal sandal

Height of the Heel

Heel height is probably one of the most important things to take into consideration when choosing a bridal shoe for a number of reasons:

  • The height of the shoe can create a better height balance between the bride and groom, particularly for the all important wedding pictures. Although if you are, like me, in a relationship with a man who is about a foot and a half taller than you this is unlikely to make much of a difference!
  • The heel height plays a crucial role in determining how comfortable the bride’s feet will be throughout the day. Unless, of course, the nerves in your feet are well and truly deceased due to many years of stiletto wearing…

It is quite common for brides to purchase two pairs of bridal shoes: an elegant pair of heels for the wedding ceremony, wedding pictures and other formalities, and a more comfortable pair for the festivities later on in the day.

Tip: The height of the heel will affect how your wedding dress is altered, so make sure you have your wedding shoes purchased before the first dress fitting.

Bridal platform Bridal platform with bow detail

Quality and Construction

With the exception of buying a house or raising a child, getting married is probably the most expensive thing you’ll ever do. With all of the (often continuously increasing) costs of a wedding, it is only natural to try to make savings whenever possible. We would, however, urge you not to try make too much of a saving on your bridal shoes.

When choosing a pair of bridal shoes, the structure, composition and overall build of the shoes should be closely examined. A good shoe (bridal or not) will have a strong, well-made sole and a comfortable insole. Moreover, the shoe should not have any trimmings or flourishes that get in the way of the overall fit. While certain types of shoe (such as lace) may look romantic, they are often impractical, and should only be worn if they provide good support and if they have been well made.

Tip: A quality shoe is well worth the price!

Shoe size

It is absolutely vital that any bride pays particular attention to her shoe size. At the risk of sounding like goldilocks: if they are too big you’ll look like you have flippers and will most likely fall over; if they are too small you will be in too much pain to enjoy your wedding day.

Your wedding shoes must fit just right; you might only have to wear them for one day, but it’ll be a very long day if you have sore feet! Every good shoe shop will have someone who can properly measure your feet to let know the correct size and width that you should be wearing.

Tip: Once the shoes have been purchased, wearing them around the house for a few hours at a time will loosen the shoe and help break it in before the big day.