How To Find Wide Fit Shoes Online

If you are taller, shorter, larger or smaller than average, it can often be difficult to find clothes that fit you well.  And you may have to go to stores other than the high street regulars to get the right clothes for you.

Well, the same goes for people with wide feet too.  It can be a challenge finding shoes to fit extra-wide feet.  On top of that, finding shoes that are remotely trendy can add to the frustration.

Pink leather summer sandal, £19.99, Clarks

Pink leather summer sandal, £19.99, Clarks

Black leather bar shoe, £34.99, Clarks

Black leather bar shoe, £39.99, Clarks

Metallic leather pump, £44.99, Clarks

Metallic leather pump, £44.99, Clarks

But there are options that can reduce the frustration of traipsing around all the shoe stores you can find, only to discover that you can’t get your size anywhere and of course, to prevent exasperation at this prospect!

All you need is the internet, and a little bit of time for online shopping.  And let’s face it, whether it’s in the real, or in the virtual world, we all have time for shopping!

White snakeskin gladiator sandal, £25, Evans

Bronx black leather ankle boot, £89.50, Evans

Ivory leather lace up courts, £29.50, Evans

Firstly, have a look on the internet to find out which retailers sell extra-wide fit shoes.  There are quite a few online stores that specifically sell wide-fit shoes.  A quick search for “wide fitting shoes” will bring up a massive selection of retailers including (but most definitely not limited to):

Although a lot of specialist retailers do exist, plenty of other online stores also sell extra-wide shoes.  You can usually check on the shoe websites to find out whether the shoe you like comes in the size you wear.  However (obviously) not every shoe is available in all sizes, so it is important to read the particular description of shoes before purchasing them.