Kei Kagami Wedges: Fashion or Fugly?

I’m not entirely sure where to start with these round toe wedges by Kei Kagami, but I think a picture will say almost everything I can, so here goes.

Round toe wedge by Kei Kagama, £539, Selfridges

So what are they?  Well, they are sculptural leather and resin shoes.  They’re a “…[fusion] of fashion and architecture”.  They are “…wearable art.”  They are 100% leather upper, resin and fibreglass heel.  And they are also orange.

But the question I had when I first saw them was, quite simply:  Are they shoes?  And the answer is yes.  They fit the definition; I checked.

The part that continuously draws my attention is the extra bit of sole on the toe.  I’m not usually a stickler for practicalities, but this suggests that walking wouldn’t exactly be a breeze, and the words robotic, ungainly and awkward are floating about in my head.  Although standing still would be a rather simpler feat.  Perhaps that’s the key…

Personally, I think they might be more art than shoe.  And there’s a lot of art I can’t make sense of.  So maybe that’s it:  I don’t understand these shoes.  But I don’t want to have to understand shoes.  I just want them to look lovely on my feet, and make me look lovelier in the process.  And these Kei Kagama wedges do not do it for me.

And to finish, a quote from my good friend when I asked him his first impression of the above:

“Wow.  They look like some freaky dutch things gone nuts.”

Are they art?  Perhaps.

Would I wear them?  Not a chance.

Would you?