How To Choose Summer Shoes To Suit Your Leg Shape

Just like you seek clothing styles that minimise flaws and maximise assets, you can use shoes to correct things that may be flawed (or that you feel are flawed) with your feet or legs.  Here are some tips on choosing the most flattering summer shoe styles for your feet and legs, whatever shape they may be.

Long legs

If you are one of the women we love to hate – those with long legs – you can get away with being a bit more adventurous.  Since you have more leg to show, it’s easier for you to pull off a look with more substantial designs.  This season, we’re all about the gladiator, and you can carry off something like a lace-up gladiator with ankle straps, as these will flatter your length.  If, like many taller women, you are a bit self-conscious about having generously proportioned feet, remember that pointed toes will add length onto your foot, so avoid this by going for the more rounded option.

Short legs

Ladies who are petite will probably have short lower legs.  If you want to create a more lengthened appearance, go for sling-backs and mules, as these have the ability to ‘slim’ legs and make them look longer.  It’s probably best to avoid high-contrast colours, as these will draw attention down to the lower half of your legs, as will eye catching colours or embellishments.

Athletic legs/calves

Ladies who are runners or who otherwise stay fit will be likely to have rather muscular calves.  Sling-backs and mules have the ability to slim legs, giving a more lengthened appearance.  The shape of the sling will also tend to create a more curved silhouette, thereby accentuating your athletic legs.

Curvy calves

Ladies with curvy calves will benefit from a shoe that isn’t too heavy, as heavier shoes will add volume to the lower body.  Sling-backs usually work well – they elongate the foot and show a bit of skin, but you’re still getting support and coverage.  A wedge or chunky heel will add a lot of volume to the lower body, but a heel that’s a little sexier and skinnier is going to be more flattering.  If you want to add some height, go for a platform with a skinny heel.

Larger legs and ankles

If you feel that your legs/ankles look too thick, try to avoid shoes that have lots going on around the ankle, like ankle straps or shoes that have extra room at the ankle.  Too much coverage on the foot is going to make that area look heavier and bigger.  Instead, try a cutaway design or strappy style as these will look a bit better.  If you have thicker legs you can also try to show a little more skin, because it will elongate the leg.

Ankle issues

If you are all self conscious about your ankles, steer clear of shoes with ankle straps, as these will draw to attention specifically to that area.  For ladies who think that their ankles are a bit narrow, try out some more delicate styles that will highlight your slender leg, such as a sexy pointy-toe heel or a kitten heel with thin straps.  If you have the opposite problem, and instead have a fuller ankle, structured shoes in bold colours will make your ankles look rather leaner, so try bright colours in stacked heels or wooden platforms.

But, when all’s said and done, you have to wear what you love and what you feel good in.  If you feel good about what you’re wearing on your feet, it’s going to look great!